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We provide premium beers & marketing support for bars


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What we do

We source high-quality Beers from leading Breweries around the World

We partner with exciting bars and equip them the finest beers

How we help

We offer a bit more than beer. We help you and your beers get some extra attention

Premium Beer

We provide Premium Beer from the World's Best Breweries. Both bottled and draft beer.

Constant Supply

Serving your customers with their favourite brew is essential. With Beer Hero you won't run out.

Marketing Merchandise

We provide you with the merchandise you need to create brand awareness: glasses, ashtrays, tent cards, signs and more

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Our Beers

kaiserbraeu beer logo


Kaiserbräu makes some of the finest wheat beers and pilsners in the country.

Click here to view our selection of Kaiserbräu beers

4 Star Rating Rating

veldensteiner beer logo


A well-balanced and sophisticated beer with a lot of flavour. Great on its own or with food. This beer has a light and toasty aroma and looks great in the glass with it's rich amber color topped with a creamy tan head. Malty aroma with a fresh breadiness and soft whole wheat toasty character. Light rye spiciness. Very rich without a lot of sweetness. Soft but insistent bitterness behind the sweet fresh malts. Lightly minerally with a soft smokiness as well. Very tasty brew.

Click here to view our selection of Veldensteiner beers

4 Star Rating Rating

Schweiger Beer logo


Schweiger ist Gold or Schweiger is golden is not just the slogan of their advertising campaign, but also the ambition of the family-owned brewery based in Markt Schwaben, Bavaria, Germany. Investing a lot of time, ideas and effort in their quest to offer top-quality speciality beers and taste sensations.

Click here to view our selection of Schweiger beers

A risk-free way to seeing how our beers perform in your institution
Request a sample to get great beer on consigment

5 Reasons Why Beer Machines are Awesome

Lindr Beer Machine

Get your hands on the latest in beer cooling and dispensing technology.
It just makes any bar, man cave, music festival or party better!
Click the button below to find out more about these magic boxes.

Professional Draft Equipment

We also offer professional draft equipment installation and maintenance for professional use or corporate & private events.

Click here for more information

We help you sell your Beers

After a long day there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a crisp cold beer.
We want to make that moment count by making great beers more accessible.

Our partner program is designed to educate the market on what makes a great beer and how to find them.
This is why we help our partners promote their beers both within their institution and online.

Education & Creating Awareness

Inhouse Awareness

We’ll help you build awareness about the beers you offer by training and educating your staff on how to describe and sell your beers and providing signage (e.g. table-stands & posters). Thus informing customers about the availability and features of a given beer, including flavour profiles and the best food matches for the brews.

Location Awareness

Our program is also built to make more customers walk through your doors. We have an in-house online marketing team that helps build awareness about the location of our partners and what they have to offer.

Partner Logos

Let's work together

Partner with us and let's work together towards developing a delightful customer experience for your patrons

Request a call or meeting

We are happy to announce that BeerHero is now part of Stammtish Trading Inc.

For Beer Call (0917) 837 50 60 | Questions? Email

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